Unauthorized Charge

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Unauthorized Charge

Postby ronyarger » Thu Feb 04, 2016 7:19 pm

Be aware. I have not had incredimail for over two years. Last year I was charged by incredimail on my credit card, even though I did not authorize it. Last month I was charged again. A dispute has been filed. And I had to cancel my card. Once these people get your info, they will continue to try to still money. And being they are in a foreign country, they feel they are untouchable. How many others have they ripped off.

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Re: Unauthorized Charge

Postby musiclady » Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:13 am

Same thing just happened to me yesterday! Grrr... <Devil> I disputed it but didn't have to cancel my card... yet! How dare they?!!!

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