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Help please

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 8:50 am
by jann1402
I have incredimail on my other computer which crashed about 2 weeks ago and won't restart so I am now on my new computer and have downloaded incredimail. It keeps giving a message "operation incomplete". the email address is right, it worked for the first 2 days.

Is it possible that all my mail could be going to the old computer which would be full of mail by now even though the PC is turned off at the power outlet? Every folder, the inbox, the sent folder, drafts folder were pretty much full before the computer crashed. If it's not because of having the mail folders full, why can't I receive mail?

This is so frustrating as i also used the business version of outlook express which just confused me so I took my e mail address off that and thought since i used incredimail for many years everything would be OK, but it's not. I know a bit about computers but obviously not enough.