GMAIL and Incredimail

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GMAIL and Incredimail

Postby Leftywits » Sat Mar 12, 2016 4:31 pm


Ever since I updated to 2.5, my email experience has never been the same. Yesterday, while trying to figure out why my gmail syncs several times a day at random time periods, all of a sudden, I no longer received email from my gmail account. I would hear the ding on my phone, but no longer would it appear at my desktop screen. I tried many things, but nothing worked. I changed settings as shown on various webpages. I uninstalled and reinstalled till it hurt. I browsed this forum for as much info as I could find. But yet, no incoming gmail. I could send a message, but that was it.

Then I noticed when watching the viewing window at the top right hand corner, when I pushed get mail, it would sit on gmail and quickly I noticed the error message (can't recall now: incomplete or something). Back to my googling and to my surprise, I found THIS.

Not an IT guy, I just started over doing everything it said (which I thought I had done before). But for some odd reason, it began to do another gmail sync. Now it's working. I hope this helps anyone struggling like I did for the better part of an afternoon.

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