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Send/Receive Issues & Suggested Solutions

Postby IncrediModerator » Mon Oct 19, 2009 10:58 am

Please read the following before you open a new topic regarding Send/Receive issues.

In order to find the cause of this issue, determining if the issue is when Sending, Receiving or both will help find the cause. Please either follow the Suggested Steps, or check for an Error Message:

Error Message - An Error Message can point you in the right direction. Please check your Error Message to find clues to the cause, and try a solution according to what the message states. Listed here are some general examples:

Most Common:

  • 3 Digit Error beginning with 4 (e.g. Error 420) - Usually associated with your connection, or an issue with your Email Service Provider.
  • AUTH/Authentication - Incorrect Username or Password, or Email Settings - Step #2
  • Incorrect Username/Password - Incorrect Username or Password - Step #2
  • Failed to connect - Incorrect Settings - Step #2
  • Operation Incomplete - Possible issue with Recipients' Address or Mailbox - Try Step #3
  • Socket Error, STARTTLS Error - Check your Firewall - Step #1

Less Common:

  • AVG POP3 Proxy Server - Issue with AVG. Please contact them for assistance.
  • Certificate CN Name - Check your Computer Clock Time and Date, and then try Step #2.
  • Hotmail Login Allowed Every 15 Minutes - Hotmail/MSN/Live may have a limit on the amount of time you can check for mail. Please contact them for more assistance.
  • Keylib Error #28 exp date empty - Check Firewall and then Reconfigure - Steps #1 and #2

Please Note: Yahoo! does not allow FREE Yahoo! users to send messages from any Email Client (including Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail) using POP3 settings. If you can't configure your Yahoo! account, make sure you're using the latest version of IncrediMail and configure your Yahoo! account using the Email Account Wizard (not manually) to correct this.

Suggested Steps:

1) Firewall, Anti-virus or Personal Proxy - These may interfere with IncrediMail and prevent it from accessing the Internet, which is necessary for actions such as sending and receiving email.

To verify that your firewall isn't blocking IncrediMail, please make sure that the following IncrediMail processes are all in the firewall's 'Approved Programs' list:

  • IncMail.exe
  • IMApp.exe
  • ImNotfy.exe
  • ImpCnt.exe

If the issue wasn't resolved, try to disable your firewall and then continue the send/receive process.

* Click here for more detailed instructions.

2) Incorrect account configuration - First remove your Email Account configuration, and then Reconfigure it again:

  • Open IncrediMail, click the 'Tools' menu and select 'Accounts'. In the 'Mail Accounts' dialog, select your email account and click 'Remove'.
  • After removing the account click on 'Add' and reconfigure your email account.

Please check that your Username and Password match the one given to you by your Email Provider!

* Click here for a tutorial on how to set up your Email Account in IncrediMail.

3) Stuck Message (in IncrediMail) - Make sure your 'Outbox' folder is empty. If it isn't, please delete all items in it (or move them to your 'Drafts' folder). If this solves the issue, check that your message doesn't exceed any of your Email Account Provider's limits (size of attachments, amount of Recipients) and that all your Email Recipient Addresses are correct.

4) Issue Receiving (Stuck Message) - Check your webmail for messages with large attachments that might be blocking your connection. Remove these messages from your webmail Inbox, and then try to receive again.

5) Check your Settings - Configure your Email Account in another Email Client (e.g. Outlook Express/ Windows Live Mail). If it works, you can easily import the settings from that client. To configure your account in the other Client:

  • Open your Email Client, click the 'Tools' menu and select 'Accounts...'.
  • Click 'Add' , then select 'E-mail Account...', and finally 'Next'. Complete your account configuration and click 'Finish'.

Please Note: Depending on your Client, the New Account may be in a different place in their menu.

* Click here for instructions on importing your Email Settings from your other Email Client.

If the same issue occurs in other Email Clients, the problem is most likely with your account settings, and you will have to contact your Email Account Provider for more assistance. If the issue was resolved in Outlook Express/Windows Mail, please create a new post with as much detail as possible about the issue, and we will check the issue further.
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