Incredimail on wide screen taskbar left or right

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Incredimail on wide screen taskbar left or right

Postby abstemious » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:48 am

I found this post from nearly a year ago which is basically the same problem that I have.

When I installed Incredimail I had the windows 10 taskbar on the right side of the screen - my laptop is "wide screen" and I lose space if I have it at the bottom. I have now moved it to the left side but ICM hides part of the full view under the taskbar. The only way I can see the full ICM screen is to go to minimise the view and then draw the sides and bottom/top to the screen size.

Do I have to continue doing this or will ICM eventually get round to allowing a maximised view work correctly irrespective of where the taskbar is placed - like all other programs that I have?

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