How to 'Create a New Identity'

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How to 'Create a New Identity'

Postby moonstar » Sun Jul 10, 2011 8:24 am

If you're having an issue that cannot be solved, you might want to try opening a new Identity to see if this issue occurs there.

To open a new Identity, click the 'Tools' menu in the IncrediMail main window, scroll to 'Identities' and select 'New Identity...'. Enter a name for your new Identity and click 'OK'. Once the new Identity opens, enter your details and set up your email account.

Does the problem continue to occur in the new Identity? If not, you can easily import your old Messages and Contacts by clicking here and following the instructions provided.

Please Note: Your emails will not be visible in the new Identity - to view your emails just switch back to your former Identity, by clicking your Profile Image and selecting your old Identity.
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