Fixing Incredimail 2019 PERMANENTLY

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Fixing Incredimail 2019 PERMANENTLY

Postby scott347 » Sat Oct 05, 2019 10:53 pm

Hello all pissed off users of Incredimail <Devil> <Devil> . I'm making this post in hopes of helping any of you who have had enormous errors using Incredimail 2.5. or upgrading. I have been using this app for nearly 14 yrs and have been thru countless so called fix's, updates, upgrades etc etc. <Devil> <Devil>

Here is what I have discovered. the only way version 2.5 will work correctly is if its never been installed before. If you try to update from 2.0, most users will get some kind of error from that point on and continuing even when trying to downgrade. I have used 2.0 for the last 7 years and have to keep using it to see all my sub folders I made, to seeing my old e-mails I created using 2.0.
when you use 2.5 (upgraded or not) the app will not be able to read e-mail or sub folders created using 2.0 properly. the only fix is too uninstall 2.5, reboot your comp, then re install 2.0, then you can use the import data & settings wizard and all prior e-mails and sub folders will return exactly as before. I had dozens of sub folders I made using 2.0 and when I upgraded to 2.5 and then used the import contacts, settings & data wizards NONE of those folders returned AND all the e-mails that DID return showed up in duplicate folders which took an hour to delete all the multiple e-mails. a real PAIN IN THE ARSE!!! I have lost hundreds of e-mails over the years by trying what the moderators here have suggested to no avail. in the end they just tell you to upgrade with a clean install. BULLS**T emoticon-0132-envy emoticon-0132-envy

rather than continuing to explain all the error messages I have received over the years. I will just state this............. STICK WITH VERSION 2.0 and don't EVER EVER upgrade. the moderators here rarely ever help us users other than to say re install or send you some IMfix zip file, or just dont reply. <Devil>

Make sure to delete any Identities that have a (1) next to them or an (old). "under tools/Identities/manage Identities) just keep the new ones. having extra Identities cause untold errors. when installing 2.0 when done you should get a prompt telling you to restart the comp, then after restart, when you click on the incredimail icon, a small box should pop up saying its (configuring Incredimail) and then launch the program. if this doesn't happen, then just re install 2.0 and it should be fine.

Once its working fine, create a backup using its export feature RIGHT AWAY and then SAVE those files. My creates 4 of those, called, etc etc. as well as save the .csv file

I'm using Win 10 with the latest updates and still using version 2.0 and NO ERRORS for the last 7 YEARS.. I have tried the upgraded 2.5 several times and it just causes mental anguish of all the errors and then have to clean ALL entries of incredimail out of my registry and system. this takes a couple of hours to clean the system properly.

If there is a way I can send users 2.0 as I have it backed up ( 2.0 version Build 6395274 PN 162148226), the mods might get pissed. I say F 'EM <Rock> <Rock>
Or do a web search for 2.0 and get it that way. it is out there. <Yes>

I sure hope this message helps relieve all that mental anguish over this once nice program. Scott

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Re: Fixing Incredimail 2019 PERMANENTLY

Postby planomom » Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:36 pm

Thanks for your post. I too have used IM for several years and have had many issues. But I love the program and am not ready to give it up.
I recently downloaded 2.5 under a new identity and it seems to be working fine. Before the download I was getting alot of errors and crashes.

In the past I have always resorted to 2.0, I got the best results with that version.

I wish they would update the program and enhance it to 2019!!

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Re: Fixing Incredimail 2019 PERMANENTLY

Postby PhartStorm » Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:48 pm

I don't think there is any chance IM 2.5 will be fixed. It appears that Perion is no longer selling the IncrediMail product. The payment links for all related products (Plus, Gold Gallery, etc.) take you to a page with an email address for existing customer support only. No one from IncrediMail support has responded to help requests on the support forum for more than a year. The product itself has not been updated since 2012. I fear it is only a matter of time before the product is shut down completely. (My guess is when Windows 7 support ends next year.) A sad end to a once wonderful product.

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Re: Fixing Incredimail 2019 PERMANENTLY

Postby gerryann » Tue Feb 18, 2020 6:37 pm

Trying to re-install 2.5 on our windows 7 & 10 O/S.

Using a Dell, with Internet Explorer.

The program is asking for Old" password which I do not have.

If I can locate "old" password, I might be able to recover Incredimail
which "dis-appeared".

My email is

Can anybody help?

I would be more than willing to pay a
consulting fee for the Incredimail recovery!!!

Thanks in advance,


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