Crash after Windows update

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Re: Crash after Windows update

Postby LadyP » Thu Dec 31, 2015 5:41 am

Gene wrote:If update KB 3119147 is the problem, why can't we just go to updates and delete this one.

New Zealand here.....Myself and a friend got that update yesterday and then we both got all the Incredimail crash flash notices.

The update KB 3119147and KB3132372 were for Security Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 10
I don't use Internet Explorer so I figured I didn't need that I uninstalled the last one KB3132372

I restarted my computer and Incredimail is as it was <Smile>

I agree that the makers of Incredimail need to fix the issue in the program that caused this to happen.

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Re: Crash after Windows update

Postby snoozin » Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:21 am

Seriously, I've had enough of Incedimail issues. Paid for lifetime updates and not getting any, still waiting for the win10 64bit fix when you try to change any options and get an error pop-up with ImSuppU saying "An invalid argument was encounted"

Now this latest issue.

And whats even worse, I paid for a gold licence along time back and they removed the option to back your emails within the program so that they could charge you for a "backup' program.

Plus, I paid for lifetime gallery and they took that away from me as well.

I've had enough with this mob!!!!!

What is the best/cheapest program to convert incredimail emails to outlook?


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Re: Crash after Windows update

Postby GrantHawk » Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:28 am

JMyers - you are A GOD ! Had I not found your post I would not have been able to access my VIP membership with Incredimail. I am now fully functional thanks to YOUR POSTING. <Clapping> Thank you so much for your kindness in posting your solution. It really works. Now I am just not sure how to deal with Incredimail. It leaves me feeling very vulnerable to it happening again. I am not sure if Incredimail is worth all the time it takes to get back up and running.

Why the heck does Incredimail not have VIP access on the main site, if something like this kind of thing happens. It boggles my mind that they have not provided us with this kind of solution.

Again... thanks for your help. It is not often that I go onto a Forum... but my wife and I wanted to make sure we thanked you. <Rock> You rock!

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Re: Crash after Windows update

Postby dvsken » Thu Dec 31, 2015 11:04 am


if you use windows 10 home, it forces you the updates, in windows 1O pro only can you hide certain updates from installing.
So what you need to do is uninstall the KB3132372 update, and then use the tool that microsoft made for hiding updates in home edition.

this tool will search updates and there you can hide the KB3132372 update ....

this fixes the problem here on my clients computer with incredimail 2.5 and windows 10 home edition

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Re: Crash after Windows update

Postby captainpugwash » Thu Dec 31, 2015 11:18 am

It would be wise for people to actually read what has already been posted in this thread. The offending MS update was identified early on and a Moderator has said that IM is working on a fix. Uninstalling MS updates may well expose you to unwanted visitors, as will also running IM with Administrator privileges.

The MS update is to address vulnerabilities in Flash Player, NOT just Internet Explorer. Adobe and MS are already working together to address problems which are known to be occurring as a result of the MS update being installed (such as the IM crash), so for my money it would be wise to wait rather than just removing security updates.

A Moderator has already said that a fix is being developed and notification will appear here. Given the time of year, it may well take a little longer than normal.

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Re: Crash after Windows update

Postby georgyporgy » Thu Dec 31, 2015 12:35 pm

Having read the posts here (after an initial terrible, nay, horrendous panic attack when I could not get into IM due to the crash error message, like all of you here) I have uninstalled KB3132372 update and have gained entry to my beloved IM once again. Phew.

The only residual problem for me is that IM no longer checks automatically for new mail upon opening the programme. I have to manually check by clicking on "send/receive mail". Does anyone else have this problem? If so... have you managed a fix? I would love to know if you have! I have run "delete runtime folder" a couple of times, but that doesn't fix it.

I have now set my Windows 10 so that it cannot automatically download and install updates. Ha! So there, Microsoft! Why is it that us mere end users have to struggle to find a way to "beat" MS every time they force these updates on us and tangle our unsuspecting systems up? I think I am beginning to see why people use Macs.....?!

Here's hoping to a quick "New Year's Resolution" to this minor to major glitch.

Happy 2016 all. <Smile>

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Re: Crash after Windows update

Postby andycollins » Thu Dec 31, 2015 12:38 pm

Thank you to all who have posted a solution to get Incredimail working again.

On a personal note, I feel its very poor that we have no response from Incredimail or seems the lack of support for the software for some time.

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Re: Crash after Windows update

Postby olebole » Thu Dec 31, 2015 1:45 pm

It might be as stupid question, but how do I uninstall that Windows update?

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Re: Crash after Windows update

Postby cleethorpes101 » Thu Dec 31, 2015 3:20 pm

I've used IM for many years, the novelty has worn off so I'm going to try & access my mail via other means, once I'm satisfied that I can I receive all the mail from my 3 different accounts, I'm going to delete IM.
Maybe in the future, once this problem is sorted, I may use it again <Sad Smile>

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Re: Crash after Windows update

Postby gerryjoris » Thu Dec 31, 2015 3:45 pm

I'm a user of Incredimail Gold for over 15 years. When I started Incredimail this morning I got an erromessage:
Exception: BREAKPOINT (80000003)
Faulting Offset: 00132BD2
Module: KERNELBASE.dll

008255B1 Flash.ocx
0082B0A7 Flash.ocx
007F33EC Flash.ocx
007D8711 Flash.ocx
007D862C Flash.ocx
0080E7D2 Flash.ocx
007BE02A Flash.ocx
00823E78 Flash.ocx
007D7ED7 Flash.ocx
007D7BC2 Flash.ocx
007D8649 Flash.ocx
0078B69E Flash.ocx
0046ED2A Flash.ocx
0045EABE Flash.ocx
0023FD96 Flash.ocx
00233141 Flash.ocx
00237C33 Flash.ocx
00238F30 Flash.ocx
0026F375 Flash.ocx

I tried it over and over again but Incredimail won't start and on the Forum I read that the solutions you gave won't work. Can you please let me know when the problem will be solved because I'm very inconvenienced an quit crossed about this.

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