Scammed over a download.

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Scammed over a download.

Postby Toucanlad » Fri Jan 29, 2016 12:27 am

I undertook to try uninstalling IM today and then to re-install on the advice from Support. My PC would not allow this at all - I then, through frustration got caught up in some type of scam after calling a number found on Google making out they were Incredimail support and like an idiot let them take over my screen to help solve the problem - I was then passed through to a Company called Toller Tech ( supposed to be Microsoft ) who said i was being hacked blah blah - this guy still had control of my screen and took some details and then asked for $200 for support etc. Whilst he was on the phone i googled Toller Tech and called the number shown - this took me through to the same set up that I called for IM support - at this point I turned off my computer sat back and thought what a total plank I had been - I cannot believe I fell for this but I did and that is my problem to deal with. So my biggest problem i have is that I cannot access my IM account on my PC so is there any way I can retrive all my data and contacts on my new laptop as i have downloaded IM successfully on it. Can the company do this for me and send it over in a file etc ?

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