Version 2.0 6.39 to Verson 2.5 Emails Problems

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Version 2.0 6.39 to Verson 2.5 Emails Problems

Postby AngelSpeedy » Sat Feb 06, 2016 4:05 am

Hi i use incredimail a lot of years, but after read many posts in the forum i do not find the solution, i upgraded to version 2.5, but all the emails gone, i already did manual copy of the Identities and the incredimail still open without any data inside, i tried many things and nothing work ..

2º - You remove the option transfer to new computer in version 2.5 why ?, this was a very good option to transfer all the emails safety to new pc, many customers dont understand why you did that ..

3º - Do you have any solution to fix the crash issue in version 2.0 6.39 ??

4º - Can you make one button to make the backup of the all emails accounts ? You have one for contacts, mensages and is missing one for the emails accounts..

5º - Try to make next updates more compatible with others versions, this is very boring passing to other version and not see our emails in new version. Make one toturial for customers about the steps to upgrade to 2.5 without lose any emails, step by step, will help a lot.

6º - Do you have any solution to export all the emails to Ms outlook ?

Tks.. <Yes>

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