All my recent emails are missing

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All my recent emails are missing

Postby ProDave » Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:09 pm

I was using Incredimail Xe on Windows XP

Was working fine last night but this moring it would not run.

I tried to re install Incredimail Xe but instead it insisted on downloading and installing Incredimail 2

When Incredimail 2 staerted it only had emails and contacts dating from 2010 and earlier.

I have thred the advice about copying my Identitied folder to the desktop, and importing my messages from that. It imported over 1500 items.

All that gave me is a second copy of each folder, suffixed by (1) containing the same messages still only up to 2010

How can I get back all my recent messages?

I also have a backup of my messages taken about 10 months ago stored as and I tried importing from these and again it went through the motions and imported a lot of files but still nothing more recent than 2010

I can send and receive emails okay, so anything arriving today is received okay.

The date of 2010 seems to ring a bell as the date I upgraded to Incredimail Xl from a previous version so I am left wondering if my messages are stored in another location that I have yet to find and import them from?

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