Advanced Account Access is not working

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Advanced Account Access is not working

Postby Pandymonium » Fri Feb 19, 2016 5:57 am

Since the recent major problems of Incredimail not working, I have removed the old version and downloaded & installed the latest version 2.5 (Build ID: 6605302, Setup ID: 2, PN: 161209914)

Since installing this new version I am now unable to use the Advanced Account Access which was part of my Incredimail Plus purchase. When I open the Advanced Account Access it bring in the mail but once I have chosen which mail I wish to bring down from the server and click on "Get Message" nothing happens. This option is extremely important as I do not wish to bring in all the mail that is on the server.

I have used Incredimail for many, many years and am extremely disappointed with all the recent problems with the program.

I would appreciate your assistance in rectifying the above problem as quickly as possible.

Many thanks


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