I can receive email but not send

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I can receive email but not send

Postby CarloTrevisan » Sun Feb 28, 2016 2:31 pm

I'm a premium users of incredimail from several years (maybe 10 ore more), so I'm addicted to this software and I really like it.

My pc now:
-windows 7
-antivirus: avast
-browser: chrome

I didn't have any problem with incredimail until few days ago. My pc was assoulted by the virus cryptolocker, I had a backup of everything so I've format and reinstall everything.

I've configure incredimail with the old configuration I had of both of my accounts.
They works for few hours, then suddenly one of the two account stop sending emails and today also the second, I can only receive.
(I've also written the problem to the premium support but didn't get any reply)

I've try the same configuration on other softwares like outlook, or the bat, and they both works without problems.

So what happen with incredimail?

When the program doesn't send email, the error field is empty

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