Couldn't get mail until now after i updated

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Couldn't get mail until now after i updated

Postby greg » Wed Sep 16, 2009 7:58 pm

hi guys, Well i couldn't get any email since the Sept 1,2009 until now i checked for an update and there was a update so i installed the new update now i'm getting mail i use Hotmail
i had to change the server info in order to start getting mail I was upset i thought incredimail crashed on me but it did not it turns out it was a update that i needed to get installed in order for incredimail XE to function right plus i had to disable the junk filter on another email program in order to get mail strange on why the junk filter was blocking my mail so i turned it off works fine now just letting you guys know what happened to me sincerely Greg

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Re: Couldn't get mail until now after i updated

Postby Martine » Fri Sep 18, 2009 1:36 am

That's good news then!
Thank you for letting us know that the update did the trick!
You had to change the server info because Microsoft has now introduced Hotmail Pop 3 support. So now by configuring Hotmail Pop 3 Settings we can easily access Hotmail so send and retrieve mails.
I have a Hotmail account too but haven't had to do this yet. But I know some people who had to enter the new Pop 3 and SMTP settings for their Hotmail account to start working again!
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