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Fonts in Letter Creator

Postby Johnnyboy1823 » Wed Sep 26, 2012 4:09 pm

I recently got a new PC with Windows 7 on it. How can I get my fonts into LC? Thanks.

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Haner - Haner people called in to see her sister

Postby leylpig0w » Sun Jan 05, 2014 3:57 am

Chapter Name: Chapter double betrayal "ah - ah - Royal Highness." Burst of soft bone like a man's voice accompanied by intermittent roar came from the red paint rosewood doors. Sound erosion, ambiguous state. Xia Qing song standing outside with great grief and unspeakable resentment, until today, she and Wang Rui less than two months before the wedding, the day she was in the room waiting for his long-awaited husband, Want to tell him he will be a happy good news, but do not like turned out to be so unbearable situation. "Missy, I see you still do not go in, redeem slaves talkative, you must not blame the two lady, after all, is the sexual gratification of her Royal Highness, you are not a disgrace so into it?" Behind keeping Mr Zhu replied to the unthinking. Wait a decade for his eldest, she was too clear, just incompetent without it nor appearance of the woman, so three no's daughter and how and full of talent, compared to implement the two Miss Capitol? SUN Gui did not say is the king of princes, Jingui footer, even ordinary people between men and two eldest Miss will certainly not hesitate to choose two Miss. "Yes ah, you can still follow the eldest slaves back:" Chunrong hospital "it, as if nothing had happened, we really made a big deal and the two princes Miss, miss one to two side Fei's name first, so that your not only in front of the princes had decent, but also let you have a second lady gratitude, more or arguments within the capital that you tolerant, treat Shu-mei reputation not? Thus your face, Riko has the. "Xia Qing Song looked grief, his thoughts confused and did not pay much attention to listen to the girl behind the two persuasion, but did not find the color behind the two pairs of eyes exudes contempt irony. She and Murong Yi Cai long wedding? How my sister can do? Inside the man was her husband she Xia Qing Song Xia Yu Han's brother, ah,UGGS Outlet, Xia Yu Han knew his own admiration for the long-Core princes, but in between waves to help yourself too, why? Why she would so treat yourself today? Relatives and loved the double betrayal Xia Qing Song pains, with great anger she kicked a door. "Bam rip -" the door was severely kick her off. Here is Murong Yi's study, outbuildings reading in the office of the weekdays, the mahogany bookshelves, and a flat head carved mahogany book case placed in the middle of entry, the four treasures of the book on a case by taste. To the right there is a small pavilion side door is Murong Yi weekdays lunch place. At this time the door was opened, Xia Qing Song walked directly toward the house, when she broke a foot step to that moment, I saw the inside of the case stung her heart. If she was still holding the door just a hint of luck, then this time in front of the scene is evidence, let her have all the good moments of fantasy turned into a free floating bubble. One pair of red, naked women's body tightly intertwined. That Zhang Qingyi handsome face is familiar to her, while the man beneath the skin white woman is one of her all these years regarded as a good sister Shu-mei. When two people come to see the house blowing hot and cold, the woman beneath the man suddenly put away the Jiaoyin, exclamation directed Xia Qing Song opinion. But the depths of her eyes can not hide the hint of pride and show off, but on the surface, but the performance is extremely surprised and terrified. "Sister - Sister how you come -? Excuse me, are Haner's fault, I'm sorry." Xia Yu Han no explanation, just blindly apology, since the beginning of von cloud, but also shy and flush with the face of the stream Under the trekking Tears, with innocence and regret, crying pear rain, people met really pity. "Xia Yu Han? Do disgusting pretense here,Arjun and I have been out of danger, you have the face to say these? Apologize for what purpose? Your brother's shameless climb your bed, now go so far as to let me forgive you? You know shameless why the matter? "summer Chu Ge red eyes, pretending to wait for the front of the weak woman severely torn open. She has always loved the Shu-mei, although the capital's people, including within the government is the servant and who will be full of talent compared to his own sister, but she never had the slightest complaint has not envy, it is a good name for her sister hi. But now she has always loved a plus sister actually own such a knife stabbed in the back? "Sister, I know you will forgive me, but, but I have to say clearly that I and His Highness is sexual gratification,Spaccio Moncler, but also want to be able to fulfill my sister, I assure you, and your sister will never bit of competition for the Princess of. "said timidly toward the man's arms beside cast, crying even more. Xia Yu Han remarks said, deliberately behave themselves very pathetic, pleading look to the side silent when the man finally cold under his eyes, his eyes no temperature fiercely directed Xia Qing Song looked. "Xia Qing song, no matter how crazy you used to be shameless, but now you are my princess palace Core respect to understand who is the real ruler here today, a favorite of the king Haner, if you're smart, then you should do Homey mistress demeanor, Fengfengguangguang will Haner door is welcome, but now you know not only forward and backward, but his face looks like a punitive expedition, hum, really ungrateful. "Having said coldly , his eyes avoiding disgust Xia Qing Song's face, hand pull up beside him and the wire is Xia Yu Han's body to cover up his best sincere, calm hand to appease the arms of the man child, whispered, "Haner Mo fear, Here are the king of it, I'd like to see who would dare presumptuous in front of the king. "Xia Yu Han heart rejoicing, very vent, but the surface is still like that that weak appearance, shining eyes with affectionate look to the front sections exquisite handsome man "Royal Highness, you are so on Haner, Haner do not really know what to say." arms looked soft words spoken woman, his face slightly eased Murong Yi Some, but one pair of unfathomable instant yard but with a trace of meaning is difficult to speculate. Men love to hear themselves against his good show to another woman, Xia Qing Song feel a burning pain in her chest, throat were tightly blocked, to utter a word, but the pain in my heart even more difficult Additional. "You - you - Xia Yu Han you this slut" tightness mood to let Xia Qing Song lost intention, frenzied goes toward the hole and unsightly red sandalwood month shelf-style bed and reached up is hard hard slap. "Popping" moment of silence inside the house, hiding in the doorway to keep the door peeping maidservants Old Woman are also shocked at the spot. I saw Xia Qing Song outstretched hand thrown stretch did not fall in the air, and a large palm Murong Yi has been mercilessly thrown in the Xia Qing Song's face. Murong Yi perennial martial arts, plus Xia Qing song on wiping the face of the heavy powder, the slap down, face powder after another falling on his head with an air of beads hairpin treasure is crumbling, messy bun , find any. That coupled with her left cheek to reddish burn scars, but she added a sense of panic at this time a hideous. The following people were shocked Zhangtailiaokou outside, this man or his family hands princes do? Most of them are old palace, the gentle Core princes naturally always understood, so a compassionate servant, through open-minded princes turned fiercely love to slap a new princess? It will be some resentment to what? It seems that the second lady who summer house should be extremely concerned about the princes of the people, or Royal Highness is definitely not so guarding her. Xia Qing song on his left cheek just feel burning pain, his mouth slightly sweet, accompanied by a surge of heat out of the mouth. Visible Murong Yi is the twelfth of effort, it is only her heart ripple of chi are playing to the foam. "You hit me? You did for her shameless woman hit me? Murong Yi I'm your Bataidajiao,Moncler Uomo, ten red makeup back Soong's wife ah." Murong Yi Leng Heng,UGGS Outlet, he has never been so many years since a piece things and sent a temper, but is this woman, Xia Qing song! Let him have the urge to want to kill most of his life. Yes! She is the repair of Public House entropy eldest daughter, is the grandson of the Queen Mother's niece, if he married this woman moving in classroom can be even more powerful in the future, but he can use marriage to consolidate their strength, but is definitely not the position of Princess Xia Qing song would be so vulgar ugly woman could do. This woman broke his principles, but was not supposed to belong to occupy her position, and this is her damn reason. But he would not kill her, not so simple is dead too cheap to her? He let her try to do Xiatang entry that women's taste, but let her try to betray her family pain. This is the Xia Qing Song disgrace in the end, is why he willingly marry ugly of this reason. "Wife? You with it? Xia Qing Song, Do let the king repeat you are using a how despicable means to force the king to marry you yet?" Heard questioning the language Murong Yi no temperature, Xia Qing song back again and again, She seems to have finally realized that this man to marry her true purpose is not because of her love, but back to the Queen Mother, where she privately purpose of seeking behavior. Mournful smile, has long had his own admiration of the man is simply her as the wife of the titular ants, as early as mustard general look, do not! These are not as likely than the bar. "Royal Highness, Haner beg you not angry at my sister home, Haner - Haner people called in to see her sister, and Haner which a dead apology." Said toward the headboard on the case as a potential collision. Murong Yi lengli eyes across a large hand a timely labor back to lock her in his arms. "Haner, what is wrong with you? Did the king took a fancy to you, you damn? Fancy who is not the king, who can not continue to live in this world?" He remarks, although nominally in the summer of persuasion Yu Han, but in reality is irony in secretly jealous under Xia Qing Song narrow heart. Murong Yu Xia Yi Han heard these words, my heart naturally secretly happy, but his face was still difficult for the poor look like that will be a disappointment for Shu female interpretation of the head. "Princes, with the princes though my sexual gratification, but her sister's husband, after all the princes, besides the identity of her sister's noble, but also the backing of the Queen Mother, Haner what means compared ah, it would be - it would be better to let Haner one of the dead, nor hinder the sister's eyes. "Then it will be up and kick seems really bent to die. Look at the door of the servant's eyes are the look of sympathy. Points unconscious whisper. "You see the two girls, weak bones look like, it is really poor, and now has been so persecuted her sister Di, is really a poor man child." "Yes ah, I heard two girls who like poetry and painting like absolutely fine, but the appearance and so pretty, with the election of our prince is on, alas, alas, is a female concubine, but also her sister were so humiliated, I am afraid that in the future she will be detrimental to the reputation of it. "People talk Points speech, sounds small but just enough room for three people to hear real. Xia Qing song just feel the anger and the red crown himself wronged stuck speechless, this is how the morals of the people? Xia Yu Han robbed her husband, and now everyone has a public defection, favoring the Xia Yu Han? It there any justice at all? Xia Qing Song has wanted to do not understand why? There really is a genius Xia Yu Han. Xia Yu Han outset Banqi affliction Shu female roles, but also in soft beg discourse in the Xia Qing Song identity holding up, alluding to her powers to suppress the people, misleading, and solid Xia Qing Song of the entropy female bullying Facts Shu-mei, the people are the meat long, and are within the palace servant into a fine Zhu Er, had observed their own princes of the second lady is standing aside, they are naturally leaning towards the wind. Summer Chuge only feel tingling chest, throat sweet fishy. "Poof -" followed by a blood gushing out, this was wearing a big red Gongzhuang, eye-catching color Hongyan, plus scarlet mouth sprayed blood, it is said to add a sense of unknown flirtatious . Murong Xia Qing Yi on the deep and sad song pray eyes, and my heart a little shocked. He - is not wrong? Or should not do that to her? After all, just because she was so like his acting, although unscrupulous to marry him, but she did not, after all, what they have bad thoughts. And according to the clerk's steward, said Xia Qing Song to the palace, the rich will own half the dowry to the palace to take care of, we can see that she is really wanted to marry him, but this is very urgent way for him disgusted, but he does not love her. Not even the slightest mutual affection are not. No! He does not hesitate! Eyes across the firm, thought it is decisive. He can not at this time for this woman leniency, but can not let that man think that he lived so arrangements can imprison his wings, he would be wrong. An unlettered stupid woman, also want to Le enmesh his footsteps, dreaming! The thought here Murong Yi's eyes across the cold gas, but you just appear to Furenzhiren feel scoff, for blocking their way, whether they are everyone must - die.

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