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Address book import

Postby waldek » Sat May 31, 2014 8:07 am

Hi, I just bought Incredimail Plus and initially everything was fine - until I tried to import my address book from Gmail and Windows Live Mail. The import process last for about 2 seconds, doesn't give me any errors, quite contrary, it says import was successful. After that I've got nothing in my Incredimail address book.
I went on internet to search for answers, hints and advises - I tried all of them including export from gmail to csv -> import to Incredimail, the same with Windows Live Mail. The result: 7 contacts in my address book out of 261. Someone, I don't remember where, advised to manually edit the csv file so it will be compatible with Incredimail address book. My answer to that is: I didn't pay $28 to correct the structure of 261 csv contacts details for Incredimail authors convenience.
Next step was phone calls to various phone numbers I found on various websites in USA and Australia. "The person is not available" was the most common answer or no answer at all.
I think I exhausted all possibilities so please get me an correct answer.
By the way: I went to VIP support page and tried to fill the form and submit it but every time it gives me warning: "Invalid email address. Please try again." See the attachement <Smile>
The best part is that there is no email address field to fill <Big Smile> . What a joke. I tried it on Chrome and on Firefox.
And the last thing: in the process of registration before any payment has been made Incredimail website asked me to fill in my email address and it turned out that it doesn't recognizes new TLD extensions like mine which is: It amazes me how guys who writing an email program wouldn't know that.
invalid email

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