incredimail data recovery software

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incredimail data recovery software

Postby DavidVersace » Wed Jul 23, 2014 8:03 am

IncrediMail recovery tool first scans the corrupt file, then extracts data items from it and finally saves the recovered messages. The highlighting feature of this utility is that it not only restores the accidently deleted emails but also those data items that have been emptied from 'Deleted Items' folder in IncrediMail. Also, this software is widely used for evidence recovery by the computer forensic experts in order to locate deleted mails. Furthermore, this software recovers all mailbox data items such as emails, email properties, attachments, images, etc.

with ease and accuracy.Software scans the damaged .imm, .imh, or .imb file to repair it and recover the lost data. After the scanning process gets completed, the software lists the recovered emails. While recovering the lost data, the software maintains emails properties, links, attachments, formats, etc. as is so that you can use the recovered emails without making any changes. To help you verify the quality of recovered data before saving on your computer or network drive, the recovery software enables you to preview the selected email item.

Try the free Evaluation version of the software, if you see the preview of your lost file then go for the option of purchasing the full version so as to save that file at your desired location.

Download Free Trail:-

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