Cannot use Gold Gallery

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Cannot use Gold Gallery

Postby sunwers » Sat Oct 13, 2012 4:49 am

I purchased incredimail years ago along with the gold gallery (lifetime). I recently purchased another computer and was trying to reinstall everything on my new one. I got so frustrated trying to install incredimail because it kept giving me errors. Well just to make things easier, I purchased the incredimail plus and it worked fine except for my gold gallery. Now when I try to use the gold gallery all seems to have worked fine... activation went good and it seems to have activated correctly. But when I try downloading anything that is gold it says, "Dear Gold Gallery Member, you can no longer download this content. If you have any questions, please contact us at:" I sent an email days ago and I have not received any reply. I also sent email to support yesterday and no reply yet. Can someone help me please.


IncrediMail Support Team Member
IncrediMail Support Team Member
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Re: Cannot use Gold Gallery

Postby IncrediAdmin2 » Sun Oct 14, 2012 3:41 pm

I apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced, and ensure you your Gold Gallery Lifetime subscription will never expire, and you will always be able to access and use all Gold Gallery content from your IncrediMail program.

Due to changes in the IncrediMail website, IncrediMail is offering Gold Gallery users the ability to download each Gold Gallery Category (Ecards, Letters, Animations, Sounds, and Notifiers) in one easy-to-use click, similar to the previous ability to download entire Collections in one click.

Please understand your Gallery Gold Gallery Content will always be accessible through your IncrediMail program and the ability to use Lifetime Gold Gallery Content is and always will be Lifetime.

You may easily download each Category, and they will be imported to your Style Box or your Notifier dialog. That way your Gold Gallery Content will be available to you directly in your IncrediMail program without having to visit the Gallery and download each Content file individually.

You can easily download your Gold Gallery Content at the following page:

Simply click each collection at a time, then click the 'Download' button on the top right corner of the screen and select 'Direct Download'.

Since all Gold Gallery Content is now available as one download for each Category, you won't have to worry about missing any Content - it will be available to you in the Style Box and Notifier dialog.

If you have any issues downloading these files, or using them after they are downloaded, please let us know so we can assist you.
Best regards,

IncrediMail Customer Support

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