Registration code doesn't work!!

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Registration code doesn't work!!

Postby muvva » Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:08 am

I originally purchased incredimail (?? at least 6-7 years?) years ago with a lifetime membership. Approx 2 years ago, i purchased a new computer & re-installed incredimail & entered the activation code & all worked well ... until one day, the ' advanced account access' area & all other premium areas stopped working! I tried to add the activation code again, but it didn't work!.

So, for the past 2 years, I haven't been able to use any of the premium, today i decided that i'd purchase ANOTHER version with the newest updates etc....have paid via paypal (NOT HAPPY THAT ITS NOW A YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION ESPECIALLY AS I PAID $49.99 FOR A LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION that won't work!!) .... i've downloaded the newest version, entered the new registration code that i received today & although when entering the registration code is says that the product is registered to myself, it still won't allow me to access the premium features!! When i go to the 'Licence' area, its NOT showing that i have a product registered, even tho i have entered the registration code & within that area it shows that it is registered to my name!

I thought that by purchasing ANOTHER version, incredimail would at least work correctly & allow me to access the premium features which i haven't been able to use for the past 2 years.....BUT NO!! I can't even access the VIP support as its not recognizing me as a VIP!!!!

Can someone please advise what the problem is & how it can be fixed!!! ... especially seeing that i have now paid TWICE for as a 'LIFETIME' membership (which obviously wasn't a lifetime membership) & the 2nd today with a yearly subscription as I feel this is bordering on fraud as I cannot use any of the premium features!

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