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paid, but not received registration codes

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 9:03 am
by Barbara87
this year, I've had loads of problems, I pay by Pay Pal, and had changed my card which it needed updating.

but I got 2 messages saying there was a problem. I couldn't find anything wrong at paypal and then I got an email from incredimail saying that my license had expired.

I kept sending them email both to Purchase and Payments, asking what the problem was. all I've had is an automated reply saying they would get back to me.

in the end, I registered as a new customer, for gold gallery and the emotion pack, through paypal and it's come out of my bank account.

but I've not received any registration codes.

when I email incredimail I just get an automated reply saying response time is high and they will get back to me. the first email I sent was the 8th April.

has anybody any idea what I can do now. many thanks Barbara