Cannot Download Skins/GoldGallery Items READ BEFORE POSTING!

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Cannot Download Skins/GoldGallery Items READ BEFORE POSTING!

Postby moonstar » Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:04 pm

This issue can be caused by several things. Please read the entire post, and try each Step before posting in the Forum.

Before checking these steps, please make sure your code is entered correctly in your IncrediMail - click the 'Help' menu and select 'Licenses'. If the code is not listed, enter it now.

Possible Causes:

  • Code Registration Your code may not be registered, and therefore IncrediMail does not recognize it.
  • IncrediMail is blocked IncrediMail uses cookies to recognize your license. If you block cookies, or use a Cookie Cleaner, the IncrediMail site will not recognize your code.
  • Browser If you are having difficulty downloading in any browser besides Internet Explorer, you will need to try first in Internet Explorer. If downloading from Internet Explorer also does not work, it will need to be reset.
  • Administrator Privileges (Error: "Oops!" Please download IncrediMail) If you do not have Administrator Privileges on your Windows User, this will prevent you from downloading.

Suggested Solutions:

1) Check your Code Registration - By checking your other features, you can decide whether this is an issue with your Registration or with your Browser. Check that all your related features are working:

    Premium or Plus users - Try to use Skins, Smart Notifier, Advanced Account Access features.
    Gold Gallery - Try to use Gold Gallery content from the Style Box.
If any of these are not working, please try Step #4.

2) Reset your Internet Browser: (Instructions for Internet Explorer 8 and 9)

  • Right-click the IncrediMail Tray Icon and select 'Exit'.
  • Open Internet Explorer. Click the 'Tools' menu and select 'Internet Options'.
  • Select the 'General' tab and make sure 'Delete browsing history on exit' is not checked.
  • Select the 'Security' tab and click 'Reset all zones to default level'. Now make sure 'Protected Mode' is not marked (if you don't see Protected Mode, go to the next step).
  • Select the 'Advanced' tab and click 'Restore advanced settings'.
  • Click 'OK' and close all open Internet Explorer windows.
  • The last step is to delete the cookies from your profile. Browse to the following location and delete all the files that are in the 'Cookies' folder:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Your Profile Name (Logon Name)\Cookies

    Please Note: The Windows 'Index.dat' file cannot be deleted.

  • Reopen IncrediMail and try to download content from the Gallery.

3) Change your internet Privacy Settings:

  • Open Internet Explorer, click the 'Tools' menu, and then 'Internet Options'.
  • Click the 'Privacy' tab and then click the 'Sites' button.
  • Please enter the IncrediMail website exactly as follows:
  • Click 'Allow', 'Ok' and 'Ok'. This will add IncrediMail to your Trusted Sites.

4) Remove and register your code:

  • If all these steps do not work, please try removing your code, reinstalling IncrediMail, and reentering the code.
  • You can find the full installation by clicking here. Please make sure to download the Full Setup, as this will refresh your IncrediMail by replacing any damaged files.

5) Turn off "Privacy Mode" (each browser has a different name and setting for this):

  • First, right-click the IncrediMail Tray Icon and select 'Exit'.
  • Open Internet Explorer, click the 'Tools' menu and select 'Internet Options'.
  • Under the 'General' tab, in the 'Browsing History' section, click 'Delete'. Make sure that the all options are checked, and click 'Delete' again. Also, make sure that 'Delete browsing history on exit' is unchecked.
  • Select the 'Security' tab and first make sure that the 'Protected Mode' is unchecked. Now click the 'Reset all zones to default level' button.
  • Select the 'Advanced' tab, click 'Reset ...' and then 'Reset ...' again. After doing so, click 'Restore advanced settings'.
  • Click 'OK' and close all windows.
  • Open IncrediMail first, before opening Internet Explorer and download your Content.

If you have tried every suggestion here, and still cannot download using Internet Explorer, please post in the Forum. Let us know all the steps you took, and the outcome.
Best regards,

IncrediMail Customer Support

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