Help with Registration Issues - Please read before posting!

Any problem that you may have with your license code - this is the place to get some answers!
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Help with Registration Issues - Please read before posting!

Postby moonstar » Tue May 17, 2011 9:28 am

Please read the following before you open a new topic regarding Registration issues.

To register your IncrediMail License Code, please first make sure the code you have is complete and copied exactly as you received it, including Capitol Letters, and the correct hyphenation. It should look similar to the following:


To register, please click the 'Help' menu in your main IncrediMail window, and then 'Enter Registration Code...'.

Below is a list of Errors you may receive, along with solutions:

  • Code cannot be activated again - Your code will need to be reset; please contact the Purchase Department.
  • Please purchase - Your Code may be Expired. Please check that you are using the last code sent to you, and that it has not expired.
  • Invalid registration code - Please make sure your code is entered correctly. Check spelling, capitols, hyphens, and that all numbers are correct.
  • Your computer is not connected to the Internet - Check Firewall and Internet Connection - Steps #1 and 2
  • Error 5 or Error 1232 - Check Firewall and Internet Connection - Steps #1 and 2
  • Check your firewall - Check Firewall and Internet Connection - Steps #1 and 2

Suggested Steps:

1) Firewall, Anti-virus or Personal Proxy - These may interfere with IncrediMail and prevent it from accessing the Internet, which is necessary for actions such as registration.

To verify that your firewall isn't blocking IncrediMail, please make sure that the following IncrediMail processes are all in the firewall's 'Approved Programs' list:

  • IncMail.exe
  • IMApp.exe
  • ImNotfy.exe
  • ImpCnt.exe

If the issue wasn't resolved, try to disable your firewall and then continue the registration process.

* Click here for more detailed instructions.

2) Check your Connection[/color] - Please make sure you are directly plugged into your router, and not using a wireless connection. If this does not help, try registering the code on another computer and see if this makes a difference.

To Recover a code you purchased or lost, please click here.

At the bottom of the Support Page, click 'Lost Code', and enter the Email Address you purchased your code with in the text box provided on the next page.

All your codes will be emailed to your Email Address.
Best regards,

IncrediMail Customer Support

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