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Here you will find answers about IncrediMail and Microsoft new operation system - Windows 7!
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Postby miketopham » Sun Jun 28, 2015 7:43 pm

Your IncrediMail Version: 2.5
Your Internet Browser Type: Google Chrome
Your Operation System: Windows 7

What have you done before the problem occurred?
I installed Incredimail 2.5 and paid £12.49 for Incredimail Plus and none of my desktop icon links work, so now instead of using Incredimail on a daily basis I use it once a week because I have to reinstall the programme every time I want to use it :-(

If you receive any error message, please quote it precisely:

Please provide a full description of the problem:

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Postby SofiyeKr » Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:56 pm

Sounds like a sound driver issue to me, I would suggest looking up what sound card the motherboard manufacturer uses on your board and try to look for newer drivers for it.

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Postby IncrediModerator » Tue Sep 27, 2016 4:15 pm

To address this issue, I would like you to try uninstalling and then reinstalling IncrediMail 2.5.

As the uninstall script only removes the exe/dll files, your existing data and settings should not be affected.

Note: Please copy and paste the following instructions into Notepad or Word, as the message will no longer be visible after uninstalling IncrediMail.

To uninstall IncrediMail 2.5, please go to Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features, right-click on "IncrediMail 2.5" and select "Uninstall".

After the uninstall completes, please run the following executable to install the latest build of IncrediMail 2.5:
http://www5l.incredimail.com/im/imsetup ... lSetup.exe

Please let me know the results.
Best regards,

IncrediMail Customer Support

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