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no wrinkles

Postby susu201312 » Sat Jan 11, 2014 3:37 am

grip diameter rod body with size (diameter). In the installation is not out of the question. The size (diameter) generally have a rod body. 560580600620 inches. For men the most common size. 600 and 580 inches and the lady the most common size is 560 inches. General to the 600 most common. Therefore, in the purchase of grip you will notice an important specification coresize is corresponding to the shaft (diameter). Get a grip size correctly to ensure. Have a look the best to use gage to measure. Because your rod if. 600 but with a 580. Maybe you can fill in, but the installation is very laborious and grip diameter may become larger. If you stick as. 580 but with a diameter of. 600. It is never mind. Just stick a layer of glue to increase the rod body diameter can be. A plateau: grip size bigger than you. Choose core. 600 is not wrong. In prepared handle the required materials and tools, and then proceed to the next step.
2, fixed cue and an old grip
put the club to club fixture protect to Vise Fixed (toe -toe up to fit new handle to the clamping handle,, about 10-15 centimeters below). The knife handle to old open (in the case of carbon rod body should be careful to avoid injury of the rod body), stripping the grip part first, then with a knife cut double-sided tape part can be (can also heat gun warm after peel). Be sure to clean. Then you can proceed to the next step.
1, defining what you need to handle specifications
replace the grip you need to consider the two specifications,xxio7,. Grip size can be divided into inner diameter and outer diameter. Outside diameter in relation to you hold up the feeling. Grip size right for the top hand grip, the middle and ring fingers touch the palm. Measurement diameter from top down about 5 centimeters. General grip size can control you use gloves size. Can be divided into Small, Standard, Large. Extralarge. Standard size should meet the needs of most people. If the hand is smaller or larger are available for Small or Large size your. A lady without ladysize can consider using smallsize.
tape has two kinds,XXIO7, one is a straight stick (pictured above) width of about 5 centimeters (2 inches). Another kind is curled around (see below) width of about 2 centimeters (3/4 inches). Tape at the end of the rod body when you need to stay about 2-3 cm, will show some volume to rod body push. This is to prevent the end shaft edge hurt grip, on the other hand, to avoid the liquid to flow
3, using double-sided adhesive tape affixed to grip (no wrinkles)

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