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How to make work IM-Premium version on my new PC?

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:22 pm
by chelios53
its a long time ago, but I am back...regretful. <Blush>
And of course I dont know the newest IM-rules and option any more.
I bought IM-Premium version and Superpack in 2008, I have my Receipt IDs.
It worked fine many years, until suddenly it shows my Greek mails in "Chinese-letters". Back then I found no solution with VIP-Support, so I had to switch to Thunderbird, and I hate it! <Devil> Now my Greek mails in IM are coming just fine in Greek, so it obviously works again.
Now I have a new PC, Windows 7 Ultimate/64 and with all the other stuff IM was also transferred.
But its partially not working.
1) Installed the first e-mail address, it downloads from the server allllll the old e-mails in the In-box, ok so far.
But I cannot send. I already changed "this number" POP3 for incoming to 995 (it was 110), but I cannot find/dont know "the number" I have to put in for the outgoing SMTP, where it shows 25 as standard. Is that the problem? My account is a
2) At some steps, e.g. downloading a skin (which I had already bought with Premium/Superpack version), it shows"you have to install IM first", odd, bcs. its obviously installed, and at the next step it shows "buy IM-Plus", and the skin doesnt change, of course. While I could change the notifier just fine, except from "Gold"edition, of course. Whats the problem here?
3) I always used the VIP-Support for my problems, but cannot use it now, again it shows "buy IM Plus". Have I lost my "Premium"-status which I bought back then "for lifetime and any PC-change"?
So I am asking here for support, thank you in advance. emoticon-0138-thinking shrug

Re: How to make work IM-Premium version on my new PC?

Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:38 am
by IncrediModerator
Firstly, to address license issues, please fill out our online form at:

In the Additional Information box, please enter the license codes and we will be happy to reset them in our records.

After registering the license codes, please click on Help > VIP Support in the top menu of the main IncrediMail window, fill out the online form, and one of our support representatives will get back to you at the earliest.

If you don't see the top menu items, simply click on "Menu" in the top-right corner of the IncrediMail window.

Re: How to make work IM-Premium version on my new PC?

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:50 pm
by chelios53
Thank you! <Yes>
Ok, understand how to get my old Premium version back. <In Love>
In the meanwhile I also managed to send mails with the right SMTP port. <Clapping>

But I got no information e-mail that I have an answer to my post...what did I wrong this time? I checked "Notify me when a reply is posted" <Angel>

sorry, I forgot or cannot find it...can I mark in the In-Box e-mails as Spam?...if yes, how? <Sad Smile>
Or will that also get activated later with the new licence confirmation?

Re: How to make work IM-Premium version on my new PC?

Posted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:17 am
by IncrediModerator
To enable the spam filter in IncrediMail, you are welcome to order Protection Center on our website at: