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Data Transfer

Postby Por2gal » Tue Apr 24, 2018 3:26 am

I have stopped using Incredimail due to the issues I am constantly having with installing this program.
I had to reinstall windows 10 due to power surges from my hometown, I have not been able to reinstall incredimail onto my PC.
prior to reinstall, I had saved my data onto another harddrive to access later, however, since i cannot get incredimail to open without errors and loading issues. I have stopped using this program, until you can allow incredimail to install correctly onto windows 10.
this being the case, I cannot retrieve my data which includes ALL my emails from the past 3 years saved.
I am currently using a Microsoft Mail server which is a default programme on windows 10. I need my 'data' from the previous months, which have been deleted off the server BUT saved on Incredimail. Please Help me retrieve this to download onto another 'Email Server' for future references.

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