Restore backup from 2 to 2.5 not working

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Restore backup from 2 to 2.5 not working

Postby pyrod » Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:25 am

I have been using incredimail 2 for a while now on my Windows 10 laptop, it has one issue of failing to start occasionally which has not bothered me too much. Recently i was advised that upgrading to incredimail 2.5 would fix that problem as 2.5 is completely compatible with Windows 10 so I purchased incredimail 2.5(plus) I then backed up my incredimail 2 Data and Settings and updated to incredimail 2.5 and restored data and settings, All went well except for a very big issue with Identities, It didn't restore any of my most current emails and folders only older ones. I then reverted back to incredimail 2, restored the data and settings and all my new emails and folders are there, I then installed Incredibackup which was part of the plus package and backed up my account with this app and to check that the data was intact i restored the account back and all new emails and folders were their. OK so now i totally uninstalled incredimail 2 to make sure their were no strange anomalies, I re-installed incredimail 2.5, restored the data from increbackup account restore and once again none of my new emails and folders were there, only the older ones so once again I reverted back to my old incredimail 2 and restored from incredibackup and all was well.I went one step further to see if it was an issue with my laptop and installed incredimail 2.5 on my windows 10 desktop computer which has never had an email client installed on it, the same again, only older emails and folders none of the newer ones even tried restoring from the the original incredimail 2 data and settings data cabs, no difference it's like my new emails and folders never existed. I have tried all permutations including manually restoring the data from Identities, deleting all but the newest identity in the identities folder and still I can't get my new emails and folders back.
I have now gone back to my old incredimail 2 client with all my new emails and folders intact. I will have to live with the client crashing every now and then.
Since posting this, incredimail has not helped with the backup issue but has come back to me with a fix for Version 2 crashing on Windows 10 and since applying the fix incredimail 2 seems to be behaving itself, so here it is.

To manually implement the crash fix in IncrediMail 2.0, please do the following:
1. Exit the IncrediMail application by right-clicking on the icon in your Windows taskbar and selecting "Exit".
2. In Windows Explorer, browse to the following path:C:\Program Files (x86)\IncrediMail\Bin
3. Rename the file "PMC.dll" to "PMC.dll.old".
4. Relaunch the IncrediMail application.

Hope this helps fix the issue for many of you.

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