incredimail is my client email along with talktalk

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incredimail is my client email along with talktalk

Postby mrsfirkham » Thu Jan 17, 2019 10:35 pm

Hi there sorry to bother you, but i have now been on my pc and phone all day trying to get my mail but no luck , i have talktalk webmail which is running ok but im not getting any emails to my incredimail on my pc or my phone . i did manage to send myself an email from incredimail but cant recieve any others , and i am awaiting for delivery orders by email , i have tried everything . but keep getting an error saying , -ERR no domain specified or invalid domain specified, thats all it says thats when i press get mail so really would appreciate someones help just tried again to get mail and got this error 535 5.7.0 kF4Sg1uTf5piA Authentication Credentials Invalid (TT300)

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