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Flash Player Problem

Postby russdoc2er » Wed Sep 18, 2013 6:24 pm

Your IncrediMail Version: 2.0
Your Internet Browser Type: FireFox 2
Your Operation System: Windows 7

What have you done before the problem occurred?
Uninstalled Flash Player and re-installed it because Jib Jab said there was a conflict and could not load their cards.

If you receive any error message, please quote it precisely:
500 Error. You will not be able to use Incredimail unless you install Flash Player on your computer. You need to install Flash Player in order to use Incredimail

Please provide a full description of the problem:
After installing the new Flash Player, Incredimail would not open. I then tried re-installing Incredimail, then went to Norton Firewall and followed the directions to allow Incredimail. Still get the same message about Flash Player.

IncrediMail Support Team Member
IncrediMail Support Team Member
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Re: Flash Player Problem

Postby IncrediAdmin2 » Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:22 am

Please do the following in order to correct the issue you are experiencing:

1. Please click the following link ans save the Uninstall file to your desktop:

http://download.macromedia.com/get/flas ... player.exe

2. Close all browsers and run the downloaded file.

3. Once the Adobe Flash Player is uninstalled, please open Internet Explorer click the following link to reinstall the flash player:


Please Note: You will need to install Adobe Flash Player using Internet Explorer in order to completely correct the issue.

This should solve the problem you are encountering.
Best regards,

IncrediMail Customer Support

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