Issues with Flash Player

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Issues with Flash Player

Postby gofortears » Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:19 am

Your IncrediMail Version: 2.0
Your Internet Browser Type: Internet Explorer 8
Your Operation System: Windows XP

What have you done before the problem occurred?
My adobe flash player downloaded and installed an update for the flash player.

If you receive any error message, please quote it precisely:
The correct version of Flash is not currently installed. Flash, by Macromedia, is a popular animation plug-in and is a required IncrediMail component. A very simple Flash installation page will soon open.

Please provide a full description of the problem:
I can't even open my IncrediMail and it's all started when adobe/shockwave player updated. And even if I go to the website that IM opens, it tells me that it's not the most up-to-date version. So shockwave is telling me I've got the right Flash player installed, while IM is telling me that it isn't the right one. How am I supposed to get to my email?

[EDIT] I'm not sure what caused this, however I finally re-downloaded adobe flash player and it works now. I'm not sure, however, if this problem will reoccur when Adobe updates again.

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Re: Issues with Flash Player

Postby IncrediModerator » Sun Feb 14, 2010 2:22 pm

In order to use IncrediMail properly, flash must be installed in Internet Explorer. Please do the following in order to solve the Flash Player problem you are experiencing:

1) Open Internet Explorer.

Note: You must install Flash using Internet Explorer. If you will do this with any other browser, the problem will not be solved.

2) Click here to open the Adobe site.

3) Click 'Agree and install now' to reinstall the Flash Player.
Best regards,

IncrediMail Customer Support

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