Cannot add Gmail account

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Cannot add Gmail account

Postby Hennie » Fri Jun 07, 2019 8:47 pm

Windows 10
Incredimail 2.5 Plus

All of a sudden I cannot send emails with my Gmail account linked in Incredimail. I removed the account and tried to add it again. When I click on the GMAIL option in Accounts setting wizard I get next screen with "Incredimail would like to have Offline access" I select "Allow" Next screen has message to enter full email address in the format yourname @

Next it says "Please provide your Gmail login details" BUT I cannot enter the details because no matter how many times I click on the boxes it doesn't allow me to enter anything.

I have tried many time without any luck.

In my Gmail account settings both pop and imap is enabled.

I have tried with Thunderbird email app and there I don't have any problems. Everything works perfect.

Why does Incredimail always have problems. It was working perfect until a day or 2 ago

My other account linked in Incredimail is working perfectly but it is not a Gmail account


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