uninstalling incredimail and removing mystart

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uninstalling incredimail and removing mystart

Postby roberta64 » Sat Apr 16, 2011 1:28 pm

Your IncrediMail Version: don't know
Your Internet Browser Type: FireFox 3.5
Your Operation System: Windows XP

What have you done before the problem occurred?
I have uninstalled Incredimail and attempting to remove mystart as a default page, however it will not go. it says mystart is default, but also that it is 'not available' and i cannot highlight it and remove it. Almost as soon as i had installed incredimail etc, my system slowed, froze and has become a nightmare to use. No other major changes had occured to my computer at this time. Please help me to get all of Incredimail and the associated Mystart from my computer.

If you receive any error message, please quote it precisely:

Please provide a full description of the problem:

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Re: uninstalling incredimail and removing mystart

Postby cdenice » Sat Apr 16, 2011 3:30 pm

HELP !!!

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